CEF B1+ English Exams - Upper Intermediate Level

ESL English language exams

ESL B1+ english exams for upper intermediate level students

In this section you'll find several B1+ 'upper intermediate' exam papers. The CEF B1+ is the stepping stone between B1 and B2. Some exam boards, such as Cambridge, don't cater for this level, going straight from PET (B1) to FCE (B2) and this can be a big gap for some students, hence the B1+ level.

We have provided these exam papers for students of english as well as english teachers, but teachers may note that they are edited in that they do not have the 'free writing' sections. We deleted the sections because we can't offer an online solution for these questions. If you want a full version, please feel free to mail us and we'll send a copy. If we receive enough requests we may even add a 'teachers page' with full versions.

As the site is new and we're more concerned with getting the first pages online we haven't uploaded the listening tests yet, but we will do so in the near future. Meanwhile, the papers can be reached by clicking the links below or in the side menu.


B1+ Upper Intermediate ESL Test Papers