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Example english language exam papers - all levels

As english teachers, we are often asked for mock or practice exams for ESL students. Although practice english exams don't help you learn the language, they are very helpful for students who want to improve their confidence prior to an exam.

For that reason both for students of the english language and also for teachers who don't have copies available, we have added several practice exams to this site. There are (or will be) practice exam papers for all student levels from A1 elementary up to C2 proficiency. The papers are all downloadable and printable and we have also provided answer sheets for each paper so students can check their answers after completing the tests.

We have chosen to edit the tests, removing sections for which we cannot give solutions, which means 'free writing' or essay questions. If you're a teacher and want exams with these writing tasks included, contact us and we'll send you one.

We only plan to provide samples of standard CEF test papers and their Cambridge ESL equivalents.

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