CEF B1+ English - Upper Intermediate Exam - Exam Two

esl english language tests

ESL B1+ upper intermediate english test - Exam 2

This is a slightly abbreviated copy of an original CEF B1+ upper intermediate english exam. We have removed the free writing section as we are unable to offer answers for free writing tasks. The B1+ exam is generally considered to be halfway between the CEF B1 and B2 exams, or the midway point between Cambridge's PET and FCE exams. In addition to this paper, a full exam also includes listening and speaking test.

The english exam paper is in a pdf format and needs to be downloaded and printed if you want to complete it. Once you've completed the test you can also download the answers....but if you are a student, it is better to complete the test before you look at the answers!

esl english language examClick here to download the CEF B1+ Intermediate Exam - Paper 2

answer sheetClick here to download the answer sheet to this exam paper


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