CEF B2 English Exams - Higher Intermediate Level

ESL English language exams

ESL B2 english exams for higher intermediate level students

Sorry if 'higher intermediate' sounds odd. B2 ESL exams and courses are given various names by different exam bodies. We decided that if we wanted to call B1+ 'upper intermediate' then B2 had to be something else, and not 'advanced, which is the accepted term for C1.

The papers found in this section are all 'paper one' exams, which means they cover the use of english and reading tests. We have not included mock 'paper two' exams as they are free writing papers and as such we have no way of providing online solutions for students who want to complete the papers.

The B2 exam is also referred to by many people as 'First Certificate' as this is the name of Cambridge's exam for this level. Remember that these papers are only one part of a full exam, which also includes free writing, listening and speaking tests.

B2 Higher Intermediate ESL Test Papers