CEF C1 English Exams - Advanced Level

ESL English language exams

ESL C1 english exams for advanced level students

CEF English C1 level exams are made up of several parts; use of english and reading, free writing, listening and speaking tests. The tests on this site are all 'Paper One' and test your use of english and reading comprehension. The C1 English exam is the same level as the Cambridge CAE exam, which has a similar exam format.

In terms of practical abilities, if you have reached C1 level your english is almost certainly good enough for you to live and work in an english-speaking country. In fact, many overseas universities now require that students reach this level due to the frequency with which graduates will need to communicate or read material in english during and after university.

The papers provided are all in a PDF format. This means that if you wish to complete a test you need to download the PDF file, print and complete it manually. We have also provided answer sheets, so you can check your answers after you have finished the exam.

C1 Advanced ESL Test Papers