CEF A2 English Exams - Pre-intermediate Level

ESL English language exams

ESL A2 english exams for pre-intermediate level students

The pre-intermediate level ESL English language exams and answer sheets provided on www.inglesemilano.it are in downloadable and printable PDF files. At the moment there are 3 A2 pre-intermediate level exam papers available, and they are listed below.

Note that the exam papers cannot be completed online. If you want to try one of the tests, download and print the paper, then complete it in the normal way. We have provided an answer sheet for each exam, so you can check your answers after you have completed the test.

These tests are samples of ESL English Language exams at A2 pre-intermediate level, but have been edited: we have removed 'free writing' or 'essay' questions because we cannot provide answers for this type of question. Typically, the 'pass' mark for this level is 60%.

Pre-intermediate ESL Test Papers